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How to buy a Robot Vacuum?

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As science and technology become more developed and people‘s living standards become higher and higher, people no longer rely on human labor to keep their homes tidy and clean. The emergence of floor sweepers has provided different conveniences for domestic affairs. However, many people don‘t understand the sweeper and don‘t know how to choose a sweeper that suits them. The following editor of hogorobot will introduce it to everyone.
Since you want to use a sweeping robot instead of a manual sweeping mop, you need to pay attention to some performance aspects.
价格 In terms of price, consumer performance often has two extremes-the most expensive is the best and which is cheaper. In fact, neither of these ideas is entirely correct. The most expensive may not be the most suitable for you, and bad businesses that attract consumers purely at low prices and don‘t care about product performance are also common. Which cleaning robot is the best? In fact, the one that suits you best is the best. Don‘t take the price as the sole factor in purchasing.
How to choose a sweeper—the cleaning ability is the most important, so the quality of its work is very important. The sweeping robot has a main brush and a side brush. The main brush is responsible for the recovery of a large amount of debris. The side brush can effectively clean the corners and corners. Whether the cleaning performance of the intelligent sweeping robot is effective is mainly reflected in this aspect.
The mainstream sweepers generally have a variety of cleaning modes that can be switched freely, such as: automatic, edge, focus, scheduled cleaning and so on. The remote control of the more advanced sweeper will use a 360 ° dead-end dual-emitter design and anti-collision design. It will be more flexible during operation, with an effective range of 10m and any angle.
Excessive noise will affect daily life at work. Advanced sweeping opportunities use eddy current noise reduction technology. This technology reduces the noise by improving the air duct and increasing the turbine, causing the power of the motor to increase in phase.
As a high-tech product, intelligent sweeping robots have not spread in a large area, so consumers often encounter difficulties in the use process, and this is the time to test the after-sales service of merchants. Whether it is product performance or after-sales service, choosing a big brand is obviously more secure. This is also the reason why large brand merchants such as Proscenic have a relatively high market share in the cleaning robot market.
The above hogorobot editor introduced the aspects to pay attention to when choosing a sweeper, including its price, robbery ability, noise, sweeping mode and after-sales service. We must choose a sweeper that suits us according to our own circumstances when choosing. I believe that you can find relevant knowledge on how to choose a vacuum cleaner here. I hope the introduction of Xiaobian will be helpful to everyone.
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